Monetization Settings

Optimize your publishing app to control what ads appear in your games!

Monetization Settings

Select a publishing app from your dashboard.
Go to Monetization -> Monetization Settings from the left side menu.
Choose your settings and click Save when you’re done.

You can prevent specific advertising apps from showing ads in your publishing apps by adding their store ID (iOS, Amazon) or bundle ID (Android) in the Filtering section of the Monetization Settings.
  • Add or Remove a single store/bundle ID. For iOS use the iTunes ID (example: 123456789), for Android the Bundle ID of the app (example: and for Amazon – the ASIN (example: B00000123A).
  • If you have a longer list of apps to block, upload a .CSV file of multiple store/bundle IDs. You can upload up to 1000 values.
  • You can download a CSV of all your currently blocked apps.
The Replace App List option will overwrite all apps you are currently blocking within the Block Apps by store/bundle ID section. If you don’t want to lose the existing blocks, we recommend to first download the CSV of your currently blocked apps, update the file and then upload it again with the Replace App List option.
We also support an option to block apps by Chartboost App ID within the campaign’s Advanced Settings, but note this legacy option will be removed in the future. We highly recommend to start using the Block Apps by store/bundle ID option within the Monetization Settings instead, which applies also to traffic for apps through the Chartboost Exchange.

Check the Block 17+ box to prevent adult-oriented apps from showing ads in your apps.

Note: If you’ve indicated your app is directed towards an audience of 13 and below, blocking 17+ is applied by default and can’t be changed.

Last Updated on July 27, 2021