SKAdNetwork Advertising Campaigns

To help advertisers prepare for Apple’s release of iOS 14.5 and enforcement of ATT, we are currently supporting SKAdNetwork campaigns for testing. This will allow you to do a complete test of SKAdNetwork attribution using your MMP partner for primary attribution and billing. CPI billing on the Chartboost dashboard will be coming shortly.

The SKAdNetwork campaign in test mode is not to replace any of your existing iOS campaigns and goals. We are releasing this feature early so you can start testing SKAdNetwork campaigns to see the initial performance and compare it against your regular iOS campaigns.

Follow this guide to create an advertising campaign for targeting SKAdNetwork compatible iOS 14+ inventory.

Before you begin:

      • Only approved iOS apps are eligible to create an SKAdNetwork (iOS 14+) advertising campaign. Contact your account manager or support to submit your iOS app for approval.
      • No more than one SKAdNetwork campaign per app, per creative type (video, static, playable) can be created
      • Only 9 active campaign targets can be created per SKAdNetwork campaign.

Start a new SKAdNetwork advertising campaign

  • Click + CAMPAIGN at the bottom left of your dashboard.
  • Select SKAdNetwork (iOS 14+) Advertising.

  • Name your advertising campaign.
  • Select your iOS app.
    • Only approved iOS apps will appear in the drop-down menu. If you don’t have any apps approved for SKAdNetwork campaigns, please contact your account manager or support to submit your iOS app for approval.
  • Select a supported ad creative type: static, video, or playable.

Set campaign targeting, bid, budget, and upload creative

There can only be 9 active campaign targets per SKAdNetwork campaign. You will be able to add more targets to the campaign but they will automatically be created as ‘disabled’. See more details on editing targets under step 4.
  • Go to Campaign Targeting and enter a name for your target(s).
    • If you have many recently archived campaigns or recently disabled targets, that might be limiting the amount of new active targets available for your active SKAdNetwork campaigns.
    • By default, your target will include all countries, all OS versions (which for this campaign is all 14+ OS versions), and all device types.
    • Once a target is created you’re not able to delete the target, you will only be able to disable or enable.
  • Set your bid and budgets.
  • You can use the Flexbid tool, but only the bid dimension ‘country’ will be supported for SKAdNetwork campaigns.
    • We are waiting for more details from Apple regarding availability of publisher apps in SKAdNetwork Installs.
  • Click Select Existing or Upload Creatives and follow the below steps.
    • Drag and drop your ad creatives into the Upload New Creative Set window.
    • Click Save.
  • If you want to add more targets click on the button Add Target and follow the same steps as above.
  • You can also use Advanced Settings to schedule your campaign, filter out specific apps or companies, target specific device lists, and more. Learn more about advanced settings.

Submit your campaign for approval

  • Click Save when you are ready to launch your campaign.
  • Our team will review your campaign. Campaigns take 24 to 48 hours to be approved.

Edit a SKAdNetwork campaign

  • In the Advertising Campaigns Overview you’ll find SKAdNetwork iOS 14+ campaigns marked with the ‘iOS 14+’ icon.

  • To edit an existing SKAdNetwork campaign, click on the campaign to enter the ‘campaign page’ and make any necessary edits.
    • You can disable a campaign which will put it in pause, but you won’t be able to create a new campaign with the same creative type. Instead make any edits to the campaign and enable it again.
    • You can archive a campaign but you will NOT be able to unarchive the campaign. Instead you will have to create a new campaign.
    • You are not able to duplicate a SKAdNetwork campaign.
  • To edit targets in a SKAdNetwork campaign, click on the campaign and make any edits in the ‘campaign page’, however please note the below:
    • Editing of any (CPI or CPM) targets on any campaign
      • One campaign can have unlimited targets but only 9 active targets. Additional targets created will by default be disabled.
      • If you had a target that’s been active and then disabled, you will have 7 days to re-enable the target or else it will remain disabled indefinitely.

View your SKAdNetwork installs in your MMP dashboard

  • We will be forwarding all SKAdNetwork installs to attribution partners which will be available for you to view in their respective dashboard. We currently support Appsflyer, Adjust, Singular, and Kochava.

Last Updated on May 26, 2021