Managing Your Account

Change your name. Setup permissions and email alerts. Manage Users.
  • Click on your Company name in the upper right corner, then click on Account.
  • Change Name to what you prefer.
  • Click SAVE.
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  • Go to Password page
  • Enter your current password.
  • Enter a new password.
  • Retype your new password.
  • Click SAVE.
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  • Go to the Account Settings page.
  • Click on User Management, then click on Actions icon.
  • Check all the email notifications you wish to subscribe to.
    • General Alerts: General alerts about your account – daily budget reached, new app created, etc.
    • Billing and Payments: Any emails related to your publisher earnings or advertising balance.
    • Daily Network Email: A daily summary of your vital spend and performance metrics in network publishing and advertising campaigns.
    • Monthly Newsletter: A collection of blog posts to provide you with better business insights and industry updates.
    • Network Notice: Alerts you to new advertisers in the network and gives you a sample of their creatives which will appear in your app.
  • Click “UPDATE”
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  • Go to the Notifications page.
  • You will see all notifications by default.
  • You can filter your notifications by category using the filter dropdown. Notification categories include Alert, Balance, Campaign, Other and SDK.
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  • Go to the User Management page.
  • Adding a new user
    • Click ADD USER.
    • Enter email ID of user.
    • Checkmark permission(s) the User should be authorized for. Admin: The user can do anything in your account. Be careful who becomes an admin! Apps: The user can add and manage apps but not campaigns. Campaigns: The user can add and manage campaigns but not apps. Read Only: The user can view apps and campaigns but can’t edit anything. This permission can’t be combined with others.
    • Click ADD USER.
    • A checkmark next to a User’s name, implies User is verified.
    • An exclamation mark next to User’s name, implies, User is pending email verification.
  • Removing an existing user
    • Identify the User by their Name &/or Email.
    • Scroll to the Actions column, Click on Delete/Bin icon, Confirm Deletion
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We don’t want you to go! But if you need to deactivate your Chartboost account, contact us here and we’ll get right on it.
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Last Updated on February 24, 2022