Start a Publishing Campaign

Earn revenue by publishing ads from other developers’ apps in your game.

  • Did you fill out your payment details on the dashboard? Your campaign can’t be activated until you do this.
  • Did you download and integrate the Chartboost SDK? Your game needs it to show ads.
  • Has your app been approved for publishing? Make sure that your app has been approved for publishing by Chartboost Team.

  • Click + CAMPAIGN at the bottom left of your dashboard.
  • Select Network Publishing.
  • Name your publishing campaign, select which placement type your campaign will use, select a platform, and then choose which of your apps will be showing ads in this campaign.
  • If any of your apps on the list are greyed out, it means that they have not passed the review process (yet).

  • Add some targets to your campaign. Showing the right ads to the right players helps you get the most clickthroughs and view-throughs, which gives you the greatest potential to earn revenue.
  • Go to Campaign Targeting and enter a name for your first target.
  • By default, your target will include all countries, all device types, all players, etc. Customize your target towards specific players, countries, game genres, and more. Learn more about campaign targeting ▶
  • You can also use Advanced Settings to schedule your campaign, rank its priority, and filter out specific apps, companies, or devices. Learn more about advanced settings ▶
  • Use dashboard analytics to determine the effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Check out our publishing tips & best practices for more ways to make your campaign awesome.
  • Click Save when you are ready to launch your campaign.
Campaigns may take up to 20 minutes to go live.

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Last Updated on April 6, 2020