Account Methods

This endpoint returns the specific monetary values for the account. It does not require any parameters other than user ID and user signature validation.
HTTP method GET
Example Request{{Chartboost customer’s user ID}}&user_signature={{CB customer’s user signature}}
Response Fields
Parameter Description
company Account name
balance Current balance
earnings Current total earnings
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This endpoint allows users to transfer a specified amount from the account earnings to the advertising balance.
HTTP method POST
Example Request
Request body: { “amount”: “{{amount}}”, “user_id”: “{{Chartboost customer’s user ID}}”, “user_signature”: “{{CB customer’s user signature}}” }
Parameter Request Type Required? Description Default
amount String Required Amount of funds to transfer from Earnings to Balance. $100 minimum amount is required. N/A
Response Fields
Parameter Description
amount Amount specified for transfer
balance Updated balance including transferred amount
earnings Updated earnings
message Only returned if status=500 with reason for the transfer failure
status success or 500
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Last Updated on December 4, 2020