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PLEASE NOTE: You should specify a unique ad location for every AdMob ad unit. Failure to do so will result in AdMob calculating blended eCPMs for all ad types, which will not only cause reporting discrepancies between AdMob and Chartboost, but also have the effect of lowering net eCPM and publisher performance as a whole.
Supported ad types: Video interstitial, static interstitial, rewarded video, animated GIF.
The AdMob adapter currently sets all named locations as Default if you do not set one in your AdMob console.


  • Log into your AdMob dashboard.
  • Select the Monetize tab.
  • Select an app from the sidebar.
  • Select Ad sources in the Mediation column.
  • Select Chartboost and uncheck the Ad network optimization option.
  • Manually enter a high eCPM to rank Chartboost first in the waterfall.

  • Log into your AdMob dashboard, navigate to Mediation -> MEDIATION GROUPS, click on CREATE MEDITATION GROUP.

  • Select the Ad format and Platform you want to target.

  • Enter a name for the group and click on ADD AD UNITS.

  • Select Ad Units for this group, click on DONE when finished.

  • Scroll down to Ad sources section and click on ADD AD NETWORK, then select Chartboost from the list.

  • Enter a name for this line item, switch off Optimize, set fixed eCPM, and then click on CONTINUE.

  • Fill in the Chartboost App ID and App Signature. see how to find Chartboost App ID and App Signature here.

  • Enter a value for Ad Location (in the Chartboost Dashboard this is also referred to as a ‘Named Location’). Click on DONE when finished.
    Note: Chartboost appcountry API can provide data breakdown by adLocation (Named Locations) values that cross a small threshold of activity (generally around 10 different ad creatives displayed, for example), otherwise they will not be broken out and instead aggregated under the other grouping.
    Note: Named Locations can NOT be longer than 50 characters.

    The Named Location will automatically appear in your Chartboost Dashboard after this Named Location has been used in this Ad Unit for a few ad requests.
    Login to the your dashboard., you will find the Named Location under your publishing campaign. If an Ad Unit ID is for rewarded placement, it will only appear in rewarded video campaigns. If it is for interstitial placement, it will only appear under interstitial campaigns.
  • Repeat Step 3 of adding Ad source to add more Chartboost line items to the mediation group with different fixed eCPM.

  • When finished adding the Ad sources, click on SAVE.

And that’s it!

The Ad Units in this meditation group will now be able to request ads with multiple line items from Chartboost (Highest eCPM first).