adMOST integration for iOS

adMOST integration for Android

adMOST integration for Unity

Supported ad types: Interstitials, video, and rewarded video.

How to integrate adMOST with Chartboost
  • Create an account at if you haven’t done so already.
  • Log in to your Chartboost dashboard.
  • Add your app to the dashboard. If your app is for multiple platforms, add the app again and select a different platform from the dropdown.
  • Start a publishing campaign. Select ad type and platform. Keep the other default settings. Note: For rewarded video, you can select whether to show a pre-roll message for videos by going to App Settings > Rewarded > Videos > Pre-roll in the dashboard.
  • Go to your adMOST dashboard.
  • Under Ad Networks, enter your Chartboost user ID and user signature.
  • Add your ad placement to your zone. Select banner for interstitial and video for video.
  • Add the Chartboost app ID as the Ad Space ID. Add the campaign ID as the Reporting ID. You can also get these values from the URL of your campaign in the Chartboost dashboard; the first serial is your Ad Space ID and the second is your Reporting ID.
  • Initiate Chartboost. Go to My Apps > Networks next to the app > Select Chartboost. Use your Chartboost app ID and app signature. Repeat for each platform you use.