CSV Uploads

By adding device IDs to your app’s Privacy Settings, Chartboost will stop collecting personal data from those devices for the app you specify within your account.

To disable tracking for a list of devices:

  • Go to App Settings > Privacy Settings.
    • Here, you can upload a CSV file with device IDs and choose a privacy law (GPDR or CCPA). Devices uploaded for GDPR will not be available for Behavioral Targeting campaigns. Devices uploaded for CCPA will automatically be opted out from Sale (as described by CCPA).
Chartboost requires a single column of device IDs with no headers, like the example below. Other formats will result in an error.
Re-enabling tracking on devices through the dashboard is not supported. Nevertheless, you can re-enable tracking, only for the GDPR process, using Chartboost Privacy API. This feature doesn’t support CCPA.