Direct Deals Marketplace

We are deprecating Direct Deals and Marketplace.
  • May 13th, 2019: Direct Deals and Marketplace are no longer available to new accounts.
  • May 27th, 2019: It is not possible to create new Direct Deal campaigns and Marketplace groups.
  • June 27th, 2019: Both products will be fully deprecated.
To be given access to the Direct Deals Marketplace, you must:

  • Find partners in the Marketplace. Filter by Platform, Advertisers, Publishers, or Everyone. You can also search for specific partners.
  • Click Featured Advertisers or Featured Publishers to view the top-ranked advertisers and publishers.
  • Click Suggested Advertisers or Suggested Publishers to view your suggested partners.
  • Click Connect to reach out to a partner.
  • View your inbox messages or groups in the side area.
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Search for or create groups of developers whose interests match yours.
Good news! You can join Direct Deals Groups even if you haven’t qualified for the Direct Deals Marketplace yet.
  • Browse available groups by clicking the Groups tab in the Direct Deals Marketplace.
  • To join a group, select it and then click Join Group.
  • Click Create Group to start your own group.
  • Enter your new group’s name and description.
  • Select a cool icon for your group.
  • Choose your group’s privacy level. Open groups will appear publicly and anyone can join. Closed groups show up publicly but developers have to request access and then be approved by the group’s moderators. Secret groups don’t show up anywhere and developers can only join them if they’re invited by the group’s moderators.
  • Once you join a group, connect with other members by going to the group’s About tab and clicking Connect.
  • Click the group’s Activity tab to view recent activity and write a message.
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  • Click the Suggested Partners tab to view some developers we think you’ll like.
  • Browse by platform, or filter by CTR, IR, eCPM and more.
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  • Click the My Profile tab to view your Direct Deals Marketplace profile.
  • Click Profile to edit your company name, role, profile privacy settings, and social media handles. You can also view your apps and choose which ones to display in the Direct Deals Marketplace.
  • Click Connections to view all the developers you’ve had Direct Deals with.
  • Click Groups to view the Direct Deals Groups you’ve joined.
  • Click Inbox to view messages from Direct Deals partners.
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