How long do updates on multiple line items come into effect once a change has been made?
The changes will take effect within one hour. If you are updating the CPM value for an existing line item, the new CPM price will come into effect within one hour. If you are setting up a new line item/named location with flat CPM or CPM floor, we suggest you to set up the new location on the dashboard/via the API and wait for an hour before you start sending ad requests from the new location to Chartboost (note: if Chartboost receives ad requests in the new locations before the changes take effect in our system, we will serve dynamic eCPM in the meantime).  
What happens if I accidentally set up a location name on the Chartboost dashboard that is different from what I send through the Chartboost SDK?
If Chartboost receives an ad request from a location that does not match with any location names you’ve set up a flat CPM or CPM floor with, Chartboost will match the best ads possible and serve dynamic eCPM. You will see this location name under the section “Named Locations with Auto-optimized CPM” on the dashboard.  
What happens to my cross-promotion campaigns?
You will still see “Cross Promotion” under “Monetization” on the dashboard. You can create and edit cross promotion campaigns as usual. We’ve made some updates to ensure location priority is set for cross promotion campaigns. When you start sending ad requests from any new cross promotion locations, you should change the location priority from “Never Show” to the correct priority. You can do so under the cross promotion campaign settings.  
What is the logic priority between named locations that serves both cross promotion and standard network monetization?
You should use different named locations for cross promotion and standard network monetization. If somehow a named location exists for both flat CPM and cross promotion, Chartboost will serve the flat CPM to this named location.  
Who should I reach out to for any questions?
Please feel free to reach out to your account manager for any questions on multiple line items setup.

Last Updated on September 15, 2021