Advertiser FAQs

Which content creators will I have access to?

Chartboost Influence is partnered with over 350 channels that specialize in creating gaming content. You will have access to top-quality influencers with a global audience that matches your audience of interest.

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How much does it cost to run a campaign on Chartboost Influence?

We offer various campaign types to fit your needs:

  • Dedicated video campaigns that are priced on a per video basis (flat fee).
  • Brand integration campaigns or performance campaigns that are based on CPI or CPV bids.
  • Video ad units that are priced in three tiers, based on the number of units you want to receive and the influencer you pick to complete those units.

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Can I work with multiple creators at once?

Absolutely! We’ll provide you with tools that give you a transparent look at the influencers you select for your campaign. Once you launch your campaign, you can select as many influencers as it takes to drive the results you need.

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Can I run multiple campaigns (more than one game at a time) on Chartboost Influence?

Yes! Chartboost Influence infrastructure allows you to run a number of campaigns simultaneously without losing track of performance, campaign by campaign and even influencer by influencer.

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