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For Advertisters

What is the Chartboost Exchange?
What targeting options are available to DSPs on Chartboost Exchange?
What ad formats (creative types) are available through the Chartboost Exchange?
Which DSP partners does Chartboost work with?
I’m a DSP looking to integrate with Chartboost. Where do I start?
I’m an advertiser and I want to create ad campaigns programmatically with Chartboost. Where do I start?
The Chartboost Exchange allows advertisers to reach our global audience through a real-time bidding platform. DSPs and their advertisers have access to in-app inventory in over 300,000 mobile games worldwide. Get started with the Chartboost Exchange ▶
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On the Chartboost Exchange, DSP partners can target ad campaigns by mobile game category, country, platform (iTunes or Google Play), and operating system (iOS, Android).
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The Chartboost Exchange supports full viewability for the most innovative ad formats:
  • Static interstitials
  • Video interstitials
  • Playable ads
  • Rewarded placements (videos & playables)
See all ad format specs on our partner portal ▶
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Chartboost works with multiple demand partners. If you’d like to see our current partners, please visit
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Chartboost is actively integrating new partners today. The exchange is built on OpenRTB 2.3 standards. If you’re interested in getting started with Chartboost Exchange, please email us at or visit
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Chartboost currently works with multiple demand partners. If you’re an advertiser and you’d like your DSP partner or agency to work with our network, please visit

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