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Is Chartboost Influence an MCN?

No, Chartboost Influence is an open marketplace that you can use to get brand and game sponsorships. We don’t require any exclusivity for you to get access to the marketplace. We connect you with brand marketers and game developers to help you grow your revenue while giving you complete creative control over your content.

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How do I make money with Chartboost Influence?

There are a number of ways you can earn money for sponsorships:

  • You can create dedicated videos of sponsored content in exchange for a flat fee (fee per video).
  • You can integrate a game shout-out into your regularly-scheduled content and get paid for every install (CPI) or view (CPV).
  • You can create a video ad unit of a sponsored game or brand in exchange for a flat fee (fee per unit).

It’s up to you what sponsorships you select. You have full control of your earnings on Chartboost Influence!

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What’s the advantage of getting paid on performance instead of getting paid a flat amount to make videos?

If you do not want to create a dedicated video for a sponsored game, you can simply integrate a sponsorship into a video you were already going to post. That way, you increase your revenue by adding Chartboost Influence performance earnings on top of your traditional Google AdSense earnings. It’s a win-win!

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Which sponsorships will I get to produce content for?

We are always adding top brand and video games sponsored offers to the platform. For a current list of available sponsorships, please log in to our marketplace.

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Am I limited to one sponsorship at a time?

No! Create as much or as little sponsored content as you’d like. You can sign up for multiple sponsorships that fit your channel and interest your audience.

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Sponsorship Disclosure Guidelines

Influencers and advertisers must follow the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) Guidelines (the “FTC Guidelines”) when making sponsored videos. The FTC Guidelines require that all paid sponsorships be clearly and conspicuously disclosed. Accordingly, when the creator of a video is being paid by an advertiser, the law requires the creator to be clear and transparent about the sponsorship.

At Chartboost, we take these requirements seriously. To help you, as a video influencer, with your obligations to follow the FTC Guidelines, we’ve put together the following list of required disclosures and examples on how to implement them in your videos.

Please keep in mind that by providing this list, Chartboost is not providing legal advice. You must ensure that you understand and follow all applicable laws, including the FTC Guidelines.

Be sure to call out the sponsorship at the beginning and end of your video in clear language and a cadence that is easy for viewers to understand. Verbal disclosures should take place within the first 15 seconds and last 15 seconds of your video.

For integrated sponsorships or shoutouts, make sure to call out the sponsorship while showcasing the promoted product.

Example 1: “Download this game from my sponsored link to support my channel.”
Example 2: “This video is sponsored – thank you for your support.”

Written disclosures should appear directly under the video, always above the fold (or “Show More”), directly next to the sponsored link for download and away from general text.

Example 1: “Download this game from my SPONSORED link – XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”
Example 2: “SPONSORED – download this game from my link XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”

A visual disclosure can be a visual icon or message indicating the video is sponsored content, and can be placed, for example, in the top left or right for at least a 20 second duration. The duration should be long enough for viewers to be able to read the disclosure and the font should stand out from the background.

Example 1: ”Download this game from my sponsored link below”
Example 2: “Sponsored”

These Sponsorship Disclosure Guidelines are not meant to be comprehensive. As the FTC Guidelines may change often, please be sure to visit the official FTC website for the most up-to-date information. You can currently find the most pertinent information at the following links:

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