In-App Purchase Tracking via S2S

For a more complete analysis of in-app purchase (IAP) data across platforms or networks, as an advertiser you can also set up an S2S integration to import IAP information from third-party tracking services.

Using both Chartboost SDK and a third-party S2S integration? The default behavior is to continue listening to the SDK for PIA events and ignore S2S PIA events. You can reach out to our support team or your account manager and ask to switch you over from SDK to third-party integration, at which point we will listen to S2S events and ignore the Chartboost SDK events. This prevents duplication of events and maintains a single channel for incoming data. Apps can be switched back at any time by our support team.


  • Open the app whose IAP data you’d like to send to Chartboost in the Adjust dashboard.
  • Click Settings > Partner Setup.
  • Under Networks, select Chartboost.
  • Set Revenue Forwarding to ON and Attributed Only to OFF. Parameter Forwarding should also be left off unless you are mapping the Event Label value from the Adjust SDK.
  • Enter “purchase” in the EVENT LABEL field under the Chartboost Event Linking section for any in-app purchase events you’re tracking with Adjust. Leave the EVENT FIELD, MAIN LEVEL, and SUB LEVEL fields blank.

Are all the fields shown in the Adjust dashboard’s “Event Linking” section sent to Chartboost automatically in the IAP postback?
No, only Event Label is sent as the “product_id” to Chartboost.

Is there a limit of events that can be listed in the Events Linking section?
No. The window is scrollable, so you can add all purchase events you’re already tracking with Adjust.


  • Log in to your AppsFlyer app dashboard and click Media Source Configuration on the left-hand side.
  • Select Chartboost S2S, then switch to the In App Events tab.
  • Complete the Send In-App Events to Chartboost section as shown below and add your own Chartboost app ID to the chartboost_app_id field.
  • Contact our support team to receive the token for the Chartboost Event Tag field.

Note: AppsFlyer currently only supports sending purchase events to Chartboost. Other custom events are not supported. For custom events, the Chartboost Event Tag should be left blank and Send Value left unchecked.


To receive IAP data from Apsalar, you should create a new postback under Setup > Attribution Tracking > Create New Postback with the following settings:

  • Postback Recipient: Chartboost
  • Application: Select Application
  • Event Type: Custom event (select the specific revenue event from the dropdown)
  • Postback Status: Active, begin sending immediately
  • Attribution Rules: Send all events from all sources

In the Preview section, you’ll also need to add your Chartboost app ID, token, and the key that identifies IAP product names:


You’ll find purchase event postback instructions at Kochava’s Support Center.


  • Open the Chartboost configuration panel from the Integrated Partners tab.
  • Select Postbacks > Add Postback URL.
  • Search for Chartboost in the Advertising Partner Postback Template section.
  • In the Chartboost Postback Template section, choose iOS or Android from the Platform dropdown.
  • Choose Chartboost IAP Postback | purchase | All from the Postback Template dropdown.
  • Add your Chartboost app ID and app signature, then save.

Public key / Secret key (Google Play & Amazon only)

If you’re setting up S2S PIA for Google Play or Amazon App store games, you must also add your app’s public key or your Amazon Developer Secret key to their respective fields on the game’s Edit App page: