iOS 14

Preparing for iOS 14

With iOS 14 Apple introduced changes to how apps can track users for target advertisement and install attribution. Chartboost takes care of most of the details, but there are a few new steps that you’ll need to handle to successfully integrate our SDK.

Enable SKAdNetwork

Add a new dictionary with Chartboost’s SKAdNetworkIdentifier value F38H382JLK.skadnetwork and additional identifiers to the SKAdNetworkItems array in your Info.plist.
The full list of Chartboost required SKAdNetwork IDs can be found here in XML and JSON formats. You’ll need to include all SKAdNetworkIdentifiers found here in your info.plist.
For more information about editing your info.plist please refer to Apple’s documentation on configuring the info.plist properly and Editing your property lists pages.

Last Updated on October 13, 2020