Multiple Line Items Best Practices

Chartboost has a diverse set of demand partners such as our direct network advertisers, our own programmatic DSP and 30+ connected DSPs. Our demand partners have various goals and KPIs such as app-install campaigns, retargeting campaigns, brand campaigns, and much more. Therefore, we can provide monetization at multiple price points in your waterfall across multiple ad formats and countries. To maximize your ads revenue with us, we recommend the following best practices for your multiple line items setup with Chartboost.
1. A minimum of 5 Chartboost locations
Each of our demand partners is looking for different quality inventory. You should have a minimum of 5 Chartboost locations per waterfall. Depending on the app’s size and amount of ad network partners, you want to increase the number of locations to maximize the competition in your waterfall and drive up your overall revenue.
2. Have a wide range in CPM price distribution
The distribution in CPM pricing is equally important as the number of locations. To optimize the performance, try to have a wider range when distributing CPM pricing among the Chartboost locations.

For example, a setup with Chartboost locations with prices at $20, $18, $14, $3, and $1, where the pricing range is between $1 to $20 will perform less compared to a pricing distribution set up at $40, $30, $20, $10 and $5, where the pricing range is between $5 to $40. It’s the same number of locations, but the pricing range between $5 to $40 provides better coverage in high, medium, and low priced segments. It also increases the opportunity for our demand partners to buy the quality they are looking for.
3. Increase competition by adding Chartboost locations across your waterfall
It will be important to distribute your Chartboost locations across your waterfall and allow us to compete in the highest, middle, and lowest priced segments. Make sure to keep the same amount of Chartboost locations between every other ad network partners’ locations to balance your setup and maximize competition in your waterfall.
4. Optimize your multiple line item setup and locations regularly
As the Chartboost demand keeps growing with new demand partners, we recommend optimizing your locations every couple weeks or at least once a month, by adjusting the pricing and positions of your Chartboost locations, especially the least performing ones.

Last Updated on September 15, 2021