Open-Source SDKs

The information below and the Github Repo linked to it have been deprecated as of November 5, 2015. Download the latest Adobe Air Plugin for Chartboost from our SDK Download Page.
Want to customize the Chartboost SDK – and share your improvements with other developers? Look no further: Our open-source SDKs expose key components, making it easy to turn your ideas into reality.


How to Contribute

Our open-source SDKs are hosted on GitHub, where you can submit pull requests for bug fixes or new features. We welcome all bug fixes, and greatly appreciate the time and effort invested! New features should adhere to our Terms of Service and leave core SDK behaviors unchanged. Pull requests for features that radically change the behavior of the SDK, add excessive size, or otherwise conflict with the spirit of the Chartboost product will be rejected.
Submitting Pull Requests
To get started, use the section below to find your SDK on GitHub. After that, fork its repo to make your changes, then submit a pull request when you’re done. We expect each pull request to include the following:
  1. Well-commented code
  2. A detailed changelog (in .md format)
  3. A sample project that can demonstrate or be used to test any changes you make
Remember to keep an eye on current issues reported through GitHub and update relevant discussions when you’re working on a new bug fix; someone may have already provided some insight that can help you!
All open-source SDKs use the MIT license. Only open-sourced code are covered by the license; compiled code should be left unchanged. Read more in the license.txt file included in your SDK’s GitHub repo.

Support for Open-Source SDKs

While we may not be able to fully support every feature added to open-source SDKs, we’re happy to help resolve problems with core functionality, and encourage you to contact us with questions about the SDKs.