Payment Terms & Dates

The chart below shows you the estimated date of each payment.

Date range of publisher earnings Estimated date of payment
January 1 – January 31 March 31
February 1 – February 28 April 30
March 1 – March 31 May 31
April 1 – April 30 June 30
May 1 – May 31 July 31
June 1 – June 30 August 31
July 1 – July 31 September 30
August 1 – August 31 October 31
September 1 – September 30 November 30
October 1 – October 31 December 31
November 1 – November 30 January 31
December 1 – December 31 February 28
Other things to know:
      • Money will be deducted from your earnings and you will be sent an email notification.
      • Please allow 3-5 business days (from the date we send payment) for the banks to process and post the funds to your account.
      • Publishers need to meet a $75 minimum before receiving earnings.
      • Publisher payments via wire transfer still have a $300 minimum threshold.
      • While we’re processing your payment, the amount will be deducted from your dashboard. See your payment date in your Transaction History.
      • To change your payment threshold, click here.
      • If your advertising balance is negative, you need to refill your balance before we send your payment.
Just a reminder: The amounts specified in this note may be reduced or denied if Chartboost determines that there has been suspicious activity with respect to a transaction. We’re sending this note to you now as a courtesy, but we may not yet have information about all instances of fraud or other suspicious activity.
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  • Make sure that your payment details are filled out completely. Did you provide the correct address information? Did you fill out the necessary tax forms? Did you set up a payment method? We strongly recommend you confirm with your bank that your banking information is up-to-date. For international wire transfers, ask your bank about any intermediary steps required.
  • You will not be paid until you reach your payment threshold. By default, the payment thresholds are $300 for wire transfer payments. You can change your payment threshold at any time.
  • Starting December 1st, 2017, Chartboost will no longer accept PayPal as a supported payment method. If PayPal is your payment method after December 1st, your account will automatically default to Hold My Payments. Go to your payment details to select a new payment method and resume your payments.
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While we process your payment, we deduct the publisher earnings from your account. If you visit your Transactions tab under Manage Funds in your dashboard, you can see your actual payment date in the Memo column.  
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We are updating our payment options to improve security and streamline payments to our publishers. Starting December 1, 2017 PayPal will no longer be an option for payment transfers. We will support direct deposit, wire transfer, or check for payment transfers. Chartboost publishers who use PayPal to receive earnings need to update their payment method before December 1st to avoid payment delays. If you receive Chartboost earnings via PayPal, here’s what you need to do to avoid payment delays:
  • Go to your payment details in the dashboard.
  • Go to Payment Method.
  • Select Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, or Check:

After December 1, 2017, if you still have PayPal selected as your collection method, your funds will be withheld until you select a new payment option. To start receiving payments again, simply change your payment method settings under Manage Funds from PayPal to one of the following: For U.S. payments:
  • Direct Deposit / ACH
  • Wire Transfer
  • Check
For international payments:
  • eCheck / Local Bank Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Check
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Last Updated on December 20, 2019