Start a Cross-Promotion Campaign

Advertise your new Awesome App in your existing Popular Apps with Chartboost Cross-Promotion Campaigns.

  • Click + CAMPAIGN at the bottom left of your dashboard.
  • Select “Cross-Promotion”.
  • Name your Cross-Promotion campaign and after select the game you wanna advertise in the “App Advertising in this Campaign” drop-down. In the “Select Apps” section, select the app that will publish your new game. Note that this can’t be the same as the app that is being promoted since you can’t promote a game in itself
  • Add some targets to your campaign. Showing the right ads to the right players helps you get the most clickthroughs and view-throughs, which gives you the greatest potential to earn revenue.
  • Go to Campaign Targeting and enter a name for your first target.
  • By default, your target will include all countries, all device types, all players, etc. Customize your target towards specific players, countries, game genres, and more. Learn more about campaign targeting ▶
  • You can also use Advanced Settings to schedule your campaign, rank its priority, and filter out specific apps, companies, or devices. Learn more about advanced settings ▶
  • Use dashboard analytics to determine the effectiveness of your campaign.

Please note: If you’ve previously installed the game you’re trying to promote, the interstitial showing it off will not appear on your device. We do not advertise apps that a user already installed.
Starting March 26, 2018, some of your cross promotion impressions will go to our network.
Starting March 26, 2018, apps that have opted out of behavioral targeting CANNOT start a cross-promotion campaign.

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