Start a Cross-Promotion Campaign

To start cross-promoting your games internally (say, to advertise to users of your Super-Popular Game that they should try your Awesome New Game), follow these steps:

  1. Click Add App in the lower left-hand corner of the dashboard to add Awesome New Game and Super-Popular Game to the dashboard (more information). If you want, you can upload a custom frame for Super-Popular Game from the Frames page in the App Settings menu.
  2. Integrate the Chartboost SDK with Super-Popular Game. If you want to track installs or publish in Awesome New Game in the future, you should add the SDK to that app, too. Test the integration and submit your update to the App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Appstore for Android.
  3. Create the cross-promotion campaign: Click Add a Campaign in the bottom-left corner of the dashboard, then click Cross-Promotion
  4. Select Awesome New Game from the App to Promote drop-down
  5. In the Select Apps section, check the box next to Super-Popular Game to run the campaign there. Note that this can’t be the same as the App to Promote, since you can’t promote a game in itself.
  6. Click the Add Creatives Set button in the Campaign Targeting section to upload a set of ads that show off Awesome New Game. Ad units must meet these requirements.
  7. Apply whatever other campaign logic you need, then save the campaign
Please note: If you’ve previously installed the game you’re trying to promote, the interstitial showing it off will not appear on your device. We do not advertise apps that a user already installed.
Starting March 26, 2018, some of your cross promotion impressions will go to our network.
Starting March 26, 2018, apps that have opted out of behavioral targeting CANNOT start a cross-promotion campaign.