Start a Retargeting Campaign

As the cost of acquiring players continues to rise, it’s more important than ever to equip yourself with tools that boost the value of your existing user base.

With Chartboost, you can do just that: By using data collected by our Post-Install Analytics (PIA) product, you can understand more about your existing players’ habits inside your games. You can then use this data to build custom user segments to target cohorts for retention, reengagement, or monetization.

Our Retargeting product is made up of three different components:

  • Post-Install Analytics (PIA): This SDK-side Retargeting component collects bootup, level-tracking, and in-app purchase data from your players. To set up PIA in your iOS, Google Play, or Amazon games (including games that use a server-to-server integration to leverage Chartboost), please contact us.
  • User Segments: Create custom segments of existing players, sorted by purchase amount, login frequency, and more.
  • Retargeting Campaigns: Target these player segments to boost retention, reengagement, and/or monetization.

To prepare your Retargeting campaign for launch, start a new campaign and set it to Retargeting with the Campaign Sub-Type drop-down:

Pick the the game whose players you’re retargeting in the App to Promote menu, name your campaign, and adjust other simple settings as needed; after that, scroll down to the Campaign Logic section to apply a custom or default user segment to the campaign:

Because user segments utilize different types of PIA data, you’ll only be able to use them in a campaign if the campaign’s promoted game supports the data type. Before you apply a user segment, we’ll also need to have received the segment’s type of PIA data from your game.


Retargeting Ads

After you apply a user segment to the campaign, you can configure most other settings as you would with a user-acquisition advertising campaign, but Retargeting ads work a bit differently, and need to meet certain requirements before you can add the assets to your campaign (via Campaign Targeting > Creatives to Use):

1. In order to make retargeting effective for players who have the app installed, the retargeting ad must use deep links to direct the user to a location in the game that maximizes the reengagement or monetization. (If the player uninstalled the game, he/she will be directed to the game’s App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Appstore for Android listing after clicking the Retargeting ad.)

As a result, you’ll only be able to add creative sets that have a completed Deep URL field on the game’s App Settings page:

2. Retargeting ads should also appeal more personally to the player, and show off specific promotions/opportunities, rather than simply advertising the game as a whole.

Once you’ve chosen appropriate Retargeting creatives for the campaign, configure the remaining settings and save the campaign to submit it for approval.