Starting a Direct Deal

Direct Deals let you work one-on-one with other developers, cut out the middleman, and keep more of your profits. Join the marketplace and start making deals!

You need to download and integrate the Chartboost SDK into your apps to make Direct Deals.

Download & Integrate SDK


  • Click + CAMPAIGN at the bottom left of your dashboard.
  • Select Direct Deal.

  • Name your Direct Deal campaign, select which ad type to display in this campaign, select which of your apps will be advertised in this campaign, and then select a Direct Deal partner from the dropdown.
  • Scroll down to your campaign’s advanced settings to refine your targeting, select bids, upload creative sets, and more.
  • Click Send Request.
  • Your Direct Deal campaign will appear under your advertising campaigns and will go live once your Direct Deal partner approves it.

  • If you are a publisher, Direct Deal partners will start sending you campaign requests.
  • Go to the Notifications tab in your dashboard.
  • Under the Type column, find messages that are marked Direct Deal.

  • Click on View Details to view the Direct Deal campaign being offered.
  • Review the campaign’s settings and targeting.
  • If you approve of the campaign, click Save.
  • Your Direct Deal campaign will appear under your publishing campaigns.