Unity SDK 6.x Upgrade

Get the latest SDK here.


Please note that Chartboost supports Android 2.3+ and iOS 6.0+, so make sure to set the minimum OS versions of your Unity project accordingly.

Key differences

  1. Initialization is handled by the SDK
    • To simplify the integration and decrease possible issues post launch
  2. Chartboost Menu item
    • Easier setup and control of AppID/AppSignature pairs
  3. namespace Chartboost renamed to namespace ChartboostSDK
    • In C#, it is not recommended to have the same name for the namespace as well as for a class (class Chartboost provides the public API functions)
  4. null / () no longer accepted as a location – you can pass in CBLocation.Default instead
    • Though we still have a default location, we encourage the use of more descriptive location names via the CBLocation class in order to provide more meaningful analytics
  5. All locations are now passed in via the CBLocation class
    • The CBLocation class has several common location preset values available for use
    • Custom location strings are now passed in via the CBLocation class’ locationFromName(string) method
  6. Chartboost SDK event names and method signatures have been significantly updated and improved
    • Brings API and functionality more in parity with Native SDKs
    • For more about the event functionality available, both old and new, please see the README.md file.
  7. CBBinding.cs is essentially replaced by Chartboost.cs.  If you used to call CBBinding.isImpressionVisible() then you’ll now want to call Chartboost.isAnyViewVisible() — see Chartboost.cs for all available methods.

Upgrading to 6.x

      1. Delete old plugin folders:
        • PluginsAndroid //Android SDK files
        • PluginsiOS //iOS SDK files
        • PluginsChartboost //Sample project
      2. Import the new SDK package:
        • Assets > Import Package > Custom Package
        • Navigate to the .unitypackage file you downloaded from Chartboost and use that
        • Select Import to complete the action (by default all package assets are marked for import)
      3. Drag and drop the Chartboost prefab to your game scene from /Assets/Chartboost/Chartboost
      4. Select menu item Chartboost > Edit Settings:
        • Press the Setup Android SDK button in ChartboostSettings in the Inspector window
        • Edit the AppID & AppSignature settings with your current values for each platform
      5. Rename all using Chartboost; lines to using ChartboostSDK;
      6. Rename all CBManager.CBImpressionError references to CBImpressionError
      7. Remove the following chartboost init code in OnEnable():
      8. void OnEnable() {
              // Initialize the Chartboost plugin
        #if UNITY_ANDROID
              // Replace these with your own Android app ID and signature from the Chartboost web portal
              CBBinding.init("CB_APP_ID_ANDROID", "CB_APP_SIG_ANDROID");
        #elif UNITY_IPHONE
              // Replace these with your own iOS app ID and signature from the Chartboost web portal
              CBBinding.init("CB_APP_ID_IOS", "CB_APP_SIG_IOS");
      9. Remove any Android-specific Chartboost lifecycle code (Back button handling, pause, destroy, etc.) as found in the following Unity functions:
      10. #if UNITY_ANDROID
        public void Update() {
              if (Input.GetKeyUp(KeyCode.Escape)) {
                      if (CBBinding.onBackPressed())
        void OnApplicationPause(bool paused) {
              // Manage Chartboost plugin lifecycle
        void OnDisable() {
              // Shut down the Chartboost plugin
      11. Edit old Chartboost calls from CBBinding.showInterstitial(YOURLOCATIONHERE); to Chartboost.showInterstitial(YOURLOCATIONHERE);
        • CBBinding renamed to Chartboost
        • For all null and () empty locations use CBLocation.Default instead
        • Consider using one of CBLocation’s many preset values, for example CBLocation.Startup, CBLocation.LevelComplete, or CBLocation.MainMenu
        • If still using custom location strings, pass them in via CBLocation: CBBinding.showInterstitial("customLocation"); becomes Chartboost.showInterstitial(CBLocation.locationFromName("customLocation"));
      12. If you’re explicitly checking for already cached ads, the method used for this has had its name changed:
        • Edit your calls from CBBinding.hasCachedInterstitial(YOURLOCATIONHERE) to Chartboost.hasInterstitial(YOURLOCATIONHERE)
      13. If you’re listening to Chartboost events, these use Chartboost instead of CBManager and no longer have “Event” at the end of their names:
        • For example, CBManager.didDismissInterstitialEvent += didDismissInterstitialEvent; becomes Chartboost.didDismissInterstitial += didDismissInterstitial;
      14. If you’re listening to Chartboost events, two events received more significant name changes that you’ll need to update with:
        • didShowInterstitialEvent should be replaced with didDisplayInterstitial
Don’t make cache or show calls inside didFailToLoad delegates or the universe will implode.

Last Updated on May 18, 2017