Why is my revenue low even though I have many impressions?

Last Update:
  • The size of your active user base influences the number of clicks or installs delivered by impressions your publishing campaign serves. Advertisers pay for clicks, completed views, impressions or installs, so the higher these numbers, the higher your earnings.
  • There might be a delay in your dashboard's analytics. The internet is a series of tubes and sometimes they get clogged. Please wait 24 hours for data to update.
  • Your advertisers are running CPI or CPC campaigns. Only CPM or CPCV campaigns earn you revenue based on impressions. Learn more ▶
  • Try targeting your audience better to maximize your impressions and convert more players.
  • Use named locations to place your ads in more effective spots that will improve user experience and increase the likelihood of players clicking through.
  • Start a Direct Deal with a developer who is running CPM or CPCV campaigns.