Adding Your First App and Campaign

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Add your first app to your dashboard so you can start a campaign and join the Chartboost network!


  • Choose your app's platform.
  • Give your app a nickname. This is the name that will appear on your dashboard for this particular app.
  • Enter your app's bundle ID or ASIN. If your app isn't live yet, you can still integrate the Chartboost SDK and run tests. Add the bundle ID later.
  • Enter your app's orientation. If your app is in both portrait and landscape orientation, select a default orientation.

  • Click Import App.

  • Chartboost will try to find your app in the app store. When your app comes up in the results, click Choose. Your app's details like icons, marketing URLs, and app store ratings will be imported to your dashboard. iOS only: If your app is available in a different country's app store, you can switch countries in the dropdown.
  • Click Save. Congratulations! You just added a new app on your dashboard.
  • Repeat for any other apps you have.
  • Check out your apps' Advanced settings to explore server-to-server tracking, view-through attribution, callbacks, named locations, and other features.


After adding your app(s) to the dashboard, you need to integrate the Chartboost SDK in your app to activate our awesome features.

Download & Integrate SDK


Publishing Campaigns: Earn revenue by publishing ads from other developers' apps in your game.
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Advertising Campaigns: Acquire users by advertising your app on the Chartboost network. Get more users ▶

Cross-Promotion: Advertise your new app in your existing apps at absolutely no cost. Start cross-promoting ▶

Direct Deals: Work one-on-one with other developers, cut out the middleman, and keep more of your profits.
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