What's the difference between all installs, bootups, uniques, installs delivered and installs received?

Last Update:
  • All installs: The number of times that Chartboost receives an initialization call from your app. Often includes installs not received from Chartboost.
  • Bootups: A call from the Chartboost SDK that is logged each time a user launches your app on a device.
  • Uniques: The number of unique devices that launch your app. This number is a unique count of devices per app, per day. Uniques cannot be summed across apps or days because this would duplicate some devices and result in an inflated number. The accuracy of the number of uniques depends on the developer sending 100% of their app's bootups to Chartboost.
  • Installs delivered: The number of times a user clicked an ad, then initially booted up the promoted app during your publishing campaign.
  • Installs received: The number of times users initially booted up your game after clicking an ad for it in an advertising campaign, cross-promotion, or direct deal.


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