Suggested Bids FAQ

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What are suggested bids?

The suggested bid range is a guide to help you pick a bid that can help with the success of your advertising campaign. You do not have to choose a bid in this range, but you should use it as a guide to pick a bid that will result in a good amount of impressions.

Please note that suggested bids are not a predictor of conversions. Your campaign’s performance is dependent on a number of other factors, including CTR, IR, and competition in your targeting and filtering parameters.

How are suggested bids calculated?

A number of targeting parameters, including platform, country, company, app, category, and connectivity. It also takes into account any historical data the campaign may have to provide a range that’s more tailored to your campaign. If there is no historical data associated with the campaign, the suggested bid range is based on your targeting selections and will re-adjust based on your campaign’s performance.

What happens if I pick a bid outside the suggested range?

While bids within the suggested range should help the impressions your campaign receives, remember that many other factors influence campaign performance. The bid suggestions are merely a guide and not an absolute indicator of the volume you receive in your campaigns.

The suggested bid keeps changing – my bid was inside the range yesterday, but now it’s outside of the range. What’s going on?

Due to the dynamic nature of our network, the suggested bid range will fluctuate with changes in other advertisers’ behavior as they compete for your target audience.

Why is the suggested bid range so low or high?

The targeting parameters you have chosen for the campaign dictates the bid suggestion range that is shown. Highly competitive targets or non-competitive targets may make the suggested bid higher or lower than usual.

My bid is much higher than the suggested range, but I’m not getting enough conversions. Why?

While suggested bid provides a range that can help with the success of the campaign, it is not a predictor of conversions. The performance of the campaign is dependent on additional factors like CTR, IR, and the selected targeting and filtering parameters.

The suggested bid is different from Monthly CPI Insights – why is that?

The Monthly CPI Insights provides the average CPI for the previous month. The suggested bid range can be higher or lower due to any of the following reasons: (1) It is based on current data; (2) It is taking into account the specific targeting parameters you have selected, and any available historical data associated with the campaign.

I'm seeing a value like ">$4.00" as my suggestion. What does that mean?

A bid suggestion displayed as greater than (>) some dollar value means that your target is highly competitive – you should experiment with different bids above the dollar value to see what works best for your campaign.