Last Update:

Newsfeed is no longer available.

How do I remove Newsfeed from my Chartboost SDK integration?

You should remove the code that initializes Newsfeed in your game:

CBNewsfeed *newsfeed = [CBNewsfeed shared];
newsfeed.delegate = self;
[newsfeed startNewsfeed];

You should also remove any Newsfeed customization code that you may have used. For example:

CBNewsfeedUI *newsfeedUI = [CBNewsfeedUI shared];
[newsfeedUI setNewsfeedHeaderCellText:@"My Newsfeed"];

(We also encourage you to upgrade to the latest Chartboost SDK.)

How will Newsfeed behave in an old version of my game?

When Newsfeed is retired on August 1, 2015, Chartboost will no longer send stories or updates when the Newsfeed GET call is made. The GET call will fail gracefully so you don't see other issues with the call.

The Newsfeed UI will continue to show up in the game. If the player’s device has existing Newsfeed stories cached locally, they will continue to show up in the Newsfeed UI. Once Newsfeed is shut down, you’ll not be able to update cached Newsfeed stories. If there are no locally cached stories, the Newsfeed UI will be empty.

Can I update cached stories after Newsfeed is retired?

Once Newsfeed is shut down, you won't be able to update cached Newsfeed stories.

Is there any way I can continue to use the Newsfeed functionality with locally cached content?

Sadly, no: After shut-down, Newsfeed will not work with locally cached content.