Are there Chartboost features/products have been deprecated or removed?

Last Update:

While we love our platform and believe it's the best tool out there for mobile game developers to earn revenue and acquire players, we do occasionally sunset features and products to free up resources for exciting new developments.

Below is a list of features and products that have, sadly, gone the way of the dodo. But where possible, we provide workarounds to bring you up to speed moving forward!

  • Old iOS SDK versions: Chartboost deprecated all iOS SDKs under version 3.0.7 in February, 2015. Please check the version number in your games' Chartboost.h header files to verify that your games will continue to work with Chartboost. Get the latest version ▶
  • Old Android SDK versions: Chartboost deprecated all Android SDKs under version 3.1 in February, 2015. Get the latest version ▶
  • MoreApps: MoreApps has been removed from the dashboard. Learn more ▶
  • Chartboost Store: Dashboard interface shut down. Backend functionality will be removed upon confirmation from existing Store developers.
  • Newsfeed: No longer available for new Newsfeed customers. Learn more ▶
  • Test devices: Removed January 2014. To test your integration, use Test Mode. Having trouble seeing ads in your game? Check out our troubleshooting steps.