Why aren't I seeing any bootups or installs for my game?

Last Update:

Don't fret – because bootups/installs and other actions can take up to 2-3 hours to be reflected in the dashboard (though they usually arrive much faster), try checking your app analytics or campaign analytics again after that delay.

You can also check this status page to see when analytics were last updated in the dashboard.

If you're still not able to see bootups/installs, double-check your code for one of the following calls:

  • iOS games: [Chartboost startWithAppId:@"YOURAPPID" appSignature:@"YOURAPPSIGNATURE" delegate:self];
  • Android games: Chartboost.startWithAppId(this, "YOURAPPID", "YOURAPPSIGNATURE");
  • iOS games built with Unity: CBBinding.init("YOURAPPID", "YOURAPPSIGNATURE");
  • Android games built with Unity: CBBinding.init();

Our system needs to receive these calls from your game every time it becomes active to accurately track bootups and installs.