Players are clicking on the ads I'm showing, but I'm not making any money. Why?

Last Update:

Before your publishing campaign starts delivering clicks or installs at higher volumes, you may notice that your campaign analytics show some number of clicks, but no revenue.

This is completely normal: Because a large majority of Chartboost advertisers bid for installs – not clicks – your earnings will likely remain low until your campaigns start delivering more installs.

From the campaign analytics page, you can see a report that breaks down your earnings by games you helped advertise. Just select the publishing campaign(s) in question, group by app, and refresh the table – you'll get a TSV download (note that the file will have a .csv extension) with the information in the Money Earned column (and remember that values there will be 30% lower than the advertiser's actual bid, to account for our portion of the revenue).

Also note the difference between All Installs and Installs Delivered:

  • All Installs is the number of devices that have installed your app for the first time (this is based on when we first receive an initialization call from your game), and often includes organic installs not received via Chartboost advertising campaigns
  • Installs Delivered is the number of times your players clicked an ad, installed the promoted app, then booted up the game; it's also a key metric to keep an eye on as a publisher