Why don't my Chartboost installs match iTunes Connect?

Last Update:

Several factors can cause discrepancies between your app's iTunes Connect install count and Chartboost's, found here:

Below are some common causes:

  • iTunes Connect reports installs based on Apple IDs, while Chartboost uses unique device identifiers. This means you may see more than one install from Device X in iTunes Connect, but only one in Chartboost.
  • iTunes logs an install the moment your game is installed (even before launch). Chartboost requires the game to be launched at least once, with a reliable internet connection and proper SDK integration.
  • Chartboost always reports in PST/PDT (UTC-8 hours/UTC-7 hours) 1, but iTunes reporting can vary depending on the developer's location. iTunes Connect uses...
    • PST/PDT for developers in the US, Canada, and Latin America
    • CET for developers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific
    • JST for developers in Japan
    • WST for developers in Australia and New Zealand

For more information about iTunes Connect reporting, click here.