Advertising Optimization, Tips & Best Practices

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Here are some tips and tricks to get more high-quality players!


  • Campaign performance is measured by eCPM, a combination of a campaign's install rate (IR), clickthrough rate (CTR), and bid, which reflects the overall competitiveness of the campaign.
  • Start bidding aggressively, then adjust your bid based on the amount of traffic you receive.
  • It's more cost-effective to adjust bids down rather than up, since low bids negatively impact your eCPM.
  • Use Chartboost Insights to view global CPI reports and make smarter bidding decisions.
  • Learn more about bidding ▶



  • Target different device types separately to see which device your most successful audience uses.
  • When each device type has its own target, it can also have its own bid that can be adjusted to compensate for a target's poor performance.



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