Publishing Optimization, Tips & Best Practices

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As a publisher, your goal is to maximize earnings by showing as many ads as possible from advertising campaigns with high eCPMs.

Below are some strategies you can use to help maximize your earnings:

1. Stay up to date with the latest SDK!

Every SDK update we release is an upgrade from the previous versions. We address important issues that have been reported by developers and occasionally add new features. In order to offer the best user experience, ensure that you are always up to date

2. Cache your interstitials

Preload ads on your users' devices to boost their experience! Ads will load faster when requested, and you can verify that an ad is available before displaying it.

3. Experiment with all ad formats

Chartboost has a plethora of ad types. We also make it very easy to implement them into your apps. Not sure how users will respond to video interstitials? Create a new publishing campaign and test it. Many test have shown positive results from the newer ad formats. 

4. Limit what you are blocking

Let our adserver do its job. As your publishing campaigns run our adserver collects data on which apps are performing well and which apps are not. Using this data, we optimize the traffic being served in your campaigns. 

5. Use Named Locations to Adjust Where You Show Ads

It's no secret that not all ad locations are created equal – many developers show ads at bootup (often the least-intrusive place), but a different location in your game could perform best at attracting clicks from players. The key is to find these sweet spots, and Named Locations make it easy to do without pushing repeated code updates to iTunes or Google Play.

Detailed named location setup instructions can be found here, but the basic idea is to add as many as possible to your code before submitting it; you can manage campaigns by named location via the dashboard and easily A/B test them once your game is live. (To do so, head to Apps > Analytics and run a Group by Ad Location report.)

6. Run Direct Deals with lucrative games

With thousands of advertisers on our platform, there are bound to be some whose performance hits it out of the park.

If you notice impressive click-through rates, install rates, or eCPMs from an advertiser that makes you wish you could give them more traffic, start up a direct deal!

Seek out your potential partner in the Direct Deals Marketplace, connect, and negotiate the terms of the deal. Once it’s up and running, be sure to give the direct deal campaign highest priority so you can really cash in on the great performance.

7. Have at least 1 "catch all" campaign

If you are filtering your campaigns that's fine, however the more filters used, the smaller the audience size you can reach. In order to reach as many users as possible, it helps to have a "catch all" campaign without any filtering in order to reach all possible users. If you go with a filtered campaign and a "catch all" campaign you can always set the "catch all" campaign to a lower priority. 

8. Consider user experience

When adding code to your game consider the user experience. Avoid spamming the users with a bunch of interstitials. Also avoid spamming interstitials back to back. Users want to play your game, so let them.