Retargeting — User Segments

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User segments are groups of players with similar bootup or IAP buying behaviors, as determined by the post-install data we collect from your games.

These segments define your audience for Retargeting campaigns, and can be either custom built or used as defaults.

Custom Segment Builder

To create a custom user segment, head to the User Segments Overview page and click Create New Segment to get started:

You'll end up on the Edit User Segments page, where you can start building your custom segment with up to three pieces of segment logic.

Click the drop-down menu next to Add Segment Logic to pick the criteria you want to use to define the first piece of segment logic:

Available conditions are also listed below:

Bootup Criteria - Frequency - Times per day, week, month - Most recent login - Days ago, weeks ago, months ago - Install date - Days ago, weeks ago, months ago

IAP Criteria - Revenue from user - In a day, week, month, or lifetime - Average amount per purchase - In a day, week, month, or lifetime - Number of purchases - In a day, week, month, or lifetime

You can use these comparison operators to build your segment logic:

  • Equal to (=)
  • Greater than or equal to (>=)
  • Less than or equal to (<=)
  • Greater than (>)
  • Less than (<)
  • Between (<x<)

After defining the first segment logic condition, you can add another one if needed:

The segment builder uses AND (meet all conditions) and OR (meet any of the conditions) operators to connect each piece of segment logic.

Once you're done, click the green Save button. To see how to apply your user segment to a Retargeting campaign, jump to this page.

Default User Segments

If you're looking to start retargeting quickly, you can use one of the default user segments below to shape your advertising audience:

  • Big Spenders: Players who have spent more than $100 in your game, total
  • Inactive Users: Players who have not launched your game in more than 30 days
  • Low-Engagement Users: Users who launch your game less than one time per week
  • Non-Payer: Players who have not spent money on an IAP in your game
  • Payer: Players who have spent money on an IAP in your game
  • All Users: Use this option to target all players who have booted up your game

These default user segments can be applied to Retargeting campaigns via the Campaign Edit page. (Note: Because these segments utilize different types of PIA data, you'll only be able to use them in a campaign if the campaign's promoted game supports the data type.)