Country List Builder

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A country list is a collection of two-character ISO 3166-alpha 2 country codes you can use to target or exclude devices in certain countries. (Note: Country lists are optional.)

To create one, start by heading to the country list builder, then:

  1. Enter a name for the country list
  2. Click Choose File in the Select File field to upload your list. Country lists must have a .csv extension, and should only include a single column of ISO 3166-alpha 2 country codes separated by line breaks. (We recommend using Excel or other spreadsheet editor to export your single column of codes in .csv form.)
  3. Hit Save, and you're done – you'll see your new list appear in the page's lower section

To overwrite 2, edit the name of, or delete a list from your account, just click one of the three icons in the list's Actions column:

A master list of all country codes is available for download here, but remember that your actual country lists should contain nothing but ISO 3166-alpha 2 country codes (no country names or other labels).

Using Country Lists

Once you've created a country list, you can apply it to your campaigns via the Edit Campaign page's Campaign Targeting section:

After clicking the name of your country list, you'll see its entries populate below the Select Country drop-down, after which you can add/remove countries as needed.


1. Excel has a 1 million row limitation, but you can create a text-based CSV (or use our API) if you need to add additional devices to your list

2. Uploading a new file to an existing list will replace the original list

3. Downloads stop working after 7 days

4. You cannot delete lists that are currently used in active campaigns