Intro to Creative Assets

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Three separate components make up a Chartboost interstitial: a frame (1), a close button (2), and a static, GIF or video advertisement (3):

To use Chartboost to promote your games, you'll need to create ads that show them off. These ads are displayed in other apps in our games-only network, and when clicked, send players to your game's listing on the App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Appstore for Android.

You pay for clicks, installs, or completed video views (video only). Learn how to create advertising assets!

If you're planning to publish ads to earn revenue, you'll need to decide whether your game will display them in our default frame (with a default close button) or a custom one.

Custom frames that match the look and feel of your app have the potential to make the advertised game seem more like a recommendation from you, so we encourage you to experiment with them to improve CTR. Learn how to create publishing assets!