Creative Assets for Advertising

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Learn how to create and upload engaging creative assets for your advertising campaigns.



  • Start an advertising campaign, select your creative ad type, and then scroll down to Campaign Targeting.
  • Choose an existing creative set, or click Upload Creatives to add a new set of creatives.

  • Drag and drop your creatives into the upload window.
  • Preview your creatives and check that they are optimized for all devices. See ad dimensions ▶

We reserve the right to disable campaigns or creatives that don't meet iTunes Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Appstore requirements, or otherwise violate our Terms of Service.

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Video interstitial creatives must be...

  • .mp4 (H.264 codec required) or .mov format
  • minimum 1280px × 720px
  • 16:9 ratio
  • landscape only
  • 50 MB or smaller
  • between 6 and 30 seconds in length
You must also upload static images to display as end cards after a completed video view. These end cards should be 1600px × 900px (landscape) or 900px × 1600px (portrait).

Learn more about video ▶

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Animated GIF creatives must be...

  • 25 MB or smaller
  • 6 seconds or shorter
  • See table below for dimensions.

Landscape Portrait Ratio
1024px × 768px 768px × 1024px 4:3

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Static interstitial creatives must be...

  • .jpg, .png, or .gif format
  • 1MB or smaller
  • See table below for dimensions.

Landscape Portrait Ratio
1600px × 900px 900px × 1600px 16:9
1560px × 750px 900px × 1400px 3:2
1500px × 1120px 1120px × 1500px 4:3

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  • Use the right ad format. Videos are compelling but harder to produce. Static ads are simple but non-intrusive. Create different campaigns with different ad types and see which ones perform better. What ad formats does Chartboost offer?
  • Grab their attention with unique, striking images. Simple gameplay screenshots aren’t enough! Show off your weird characters or magical landscapes in ways that set your app apart from the rest.
  • Use a memorable tagline that introduces your app’s story or personality, such as “Twenty planets – one war,” “Hundreds of mind-slapping puzzles to make you doubt reality,” or “Stop taking sass from this ninja!”
  • Create a clear, engaging call to action. Don’t settle for a boring “Download” button! Use app-specific prompts like “Join the Battle,” “Start Your Adventure,” or “Get Your Free Dolphin Cannon!” Make it big and bold so users know exactly where to press.
  • Add an app store badge (optional but recommended). This may improve your creative’s performance by giving your app credibility. You can get badges for the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.
  • Follow the marketing guidelines posted in your app store. And remember, we reserve the right to reject creatives that violate our Terms of Service.
  • Localize your ads. Separate your most important target countries into different campaigns and translate your ads accordingly.

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  • Creative assets for retargeting campaigns should be more personalized than regular advertising assets, since the user has already installed your app.
  • If a user hasn't booted up your game in 30 days, your creative can have a call to action like "Your pet misses you! Come back and give her a hug!"
  • If a user boots up your app less than once a week, your creative can have a call to action like "Check out all the exciting events happening this week – and claim your 5 FREE gold coins!"
  • If a user exits the purchase flow without buying, your creative can offer a discount on a certain package.

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Make their ads look like a seamless part of your game! Upload custom frames and close buttons to entice players. Learn more ▶

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