Scheduled Email Reports

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Chartboost also gives you the ability to receive regular email reports to easily keep tabs on account performance. Just head to the Scheduled Reports Overview page, where you can also download and manage existing reports.

(Reports are sent at 9 AM PST/PDT (UTC-8 hours/UTC-7 hours), at a frequency of your choosing; there is an account-level limit of 15 active scheduled reports.)

Build a Scheduled Report

To build a report, just head to the Scheduled Reports Overview page and click Add New Report. You can use the form on the next page to name the report, set its frequency, start date, recipients,1 and additional parameters like Country and Device Type.

Download and Manage Existing Reports

You'll receive links in your email to download existing reports, and you can also visit the Report History Page page to do so.

After clicking the link in your email:

  1. Wait for the Chartboost dashboard to launch in your browser
  2. Check the box next to the name of the report(s) you'd like to download
  3. Click the download button near the top right of the page to save your selected report(s)

To have the Report History page display only a certain report, you can use the top-right dropdown menu (that defaults to See All Reports) to switch between them.

Back at the Scheduled Reports Overview page, you'll also be able to edit, pause, resume, or duplicate a report after checking the box to the left of its name.


1. Report recipients must be sub-users on your account and have the sufficient permissions to view data included in the report. For more information about sub-user permissions, click here.