How do I know which apps to filter from my campaigns?

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We highly recommend letting Chartboost decide which apps appear in your campaign. Follow these instructions only if you need to filter apps for business reasons (e.g. competing or similar apps).

Here's how to figure out which apps to filter using Microsoft Excel:

  • Go to the Campaign Analytics panel in your dashboard.
  • Select Campaigns ▼ from the dropdown under Filter By Campaign Or App.
  • Use the text field to search for and select the campaign you want to analyze.
  • Select a timeframe from the Time Range dropdown. We recommend Last 7 Days.
  • Under the Group By dropdown, change Campaign ▼ to App ▼
  • Click the refresh button to generate your report.
  • Click the download button to export your data as a TSV file. Learn more about report formatting ▶
  • Open the TSV file in Microsoft Excel.
  • Select all of the data in the sheet, then click Data > Pivot Table from the top menu.
  • Add To App Name to Row Labels. Add Sum of Impressions, Sum of Clicks, Sum of Installs, and Sum of Money Earned to Values.

  • Calculate the eCPM in column F using the formula =E5/B5 * 1000 in cell F5, then extending that formula into the rest of the column. You can also format this whole column as currency to help with readability.
  • eCPM is the most important, but you may also want to consider the click-through rate (clicks/impressions) and the install rate (installs/clicks). Not all apps track installs, so don't be alarmed if some show 0 installs.
  • Your average overall eCPM will be at the bottom right of your new table. Copy this pivot table into another worksheet and sort by eCPM to easily see which apps have the lowest relative eCPM and should be filtered from campaigns.
  • If you're thinking about filtering an app, consider the share of impressions it delivers for your app or receives in your app. For example, an app might be slightly below your average eCPM but serving a large percentage of your impressions; you may not want to exclude this app from your campaign. If you filter too many impressions, you might have problems filling your ad inventory. On the other hand, it's probably not worth filtering a whole bunch of apps with only a handful of impressions.
  • Once you've figured out which apps to filter, click on the two links below to learn how to filter them from your campaigns.
We recommend that you do not exceed 1,500 apps filtered in a single campaign.
Any changes made to the dashboard may take up to 30 minutes to go live.
If you filter out an app and a user has already cached an ad for that app on their device, that ad can still be shown for up to 24 hours.


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