How can my advertising campaign receive more clicks or installs, or completed views?

Last Update:

After our system retrieves a pool of advertising campaigns that match the conditions set by a publishing campaign, it serves the best-performing advertising campaign to the publishing game.

We measure performance with the eCPM metric, ordinarily defined as the effective cost per thousand impressions served (eCPM = Money spent or earned / Impressions * 1000). But because Chartboost advertisers bid per click or install (instead of per impression), Chartboost eCPM is a combination of a campaign's Install Rate (IR), Click-Through-Rate (CTR), and bid that reflects the overall competitiveness of the campaign.

Bottom line: The better your ads perform, the more high-quality traffic you receive.

For tips you should use to boost your performance and maximize ROI, visit the optimization section of our advertising documentation here.