What if I can't find my game in the "App to Promote" dropdown on the Campaign Edit page?

Last Update:

There are a few things you'll need to do before you can select your game in the App to Promote dropdown:

  • Check that the iTunes URL, Market URL, or Amazon URL field on the App Settings page (shown below) is complete and points to your game's store listing:

  • Be sure you've uploaded advertising assets to promote your game. More information

Also note that before you can save a network advertising campaign, your account balance needs to be greater than or equal to the campaign's daily budget. To add funds or transfer them from your publishing earnings, click here.

Cross-Promotion campaigns only: If you’re setting up a cross-promotion and are trying to advertise an app that has not opted out of behavioral tracking inside an app that has opted out, the publishing app (which has opted out) won’t appear in the App to Promote dropdown (and vice versa). Only opted-out apps can advertise in other opted-out apps.