What requirements do I need to meet before I submit my app to the store?

Last Update:

Now that you’ve integrated the Chartboost SDK and finalized your build, you’re ready to submit to the App Store! Before you do this however, here are a few tips and recommendations we have:

  1. Ensure that your Chartboost App ID and Signature are correct. Some developers may have multiple Apps or multiple versions of the same App. If the wrong IDs are used, you will unfortunately need to resubmit to fix this.
  1. Use Charles (or any other web debug proxy) to ensure the Chartboost SDK is being initialized on each bootup. We expect the api/install call to be made each time a user launches or resumes the App.
  1. Perform a final QA to ensure that the user experience is as you’d like. For example, are ad units showing up in the appropriate location? Test Mode is a great tool to use for this kind of testing.
  1. If submitting to the Apple App Store, you may be asked some questions regarding your use of IDFA. You can find information regarding the Chartboost SDK complying with Apple’s IDFA policy here.
As of June 1, 2016, Apple requires that all submitted apps must support IPv6.