Getting Started With Chartboost

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Boost your mobile business on the leading games-focused ad network


Integrate our powerful, lightweight SDK for immersive mobile video and static ad experiences.

Earn revenue by showing ads, or acquire users by advertising your app. Our online dashboard gives you complete control & transparency.

Turn your mobile game into a business with higher eCPMs, new users, and more traffic to your app!


All right, let's do this!

Create a free account
Sign up here to get access to your Chartboost dashboard.
If more users need access to the dashboard, add them under User Management.
Select your language in My Settings. You can also change your name, password, email address, and notification settings from here.

Click the + APP button at the bottom left of your dashboard.

Choose your app's platform, name your app, and select its orientation(s).
Enter your app bundle ID and click Import App. Chartboost will search for your app in the store. Click Choose on the right app to finish importing it. (If your app isn't live yet, you can still use the SDK. Just add your bundle ID later.)
Click Save. Chartboost will give your app an app ID and signature. You'll need these values to activate the SDK in Step

Download the latest SDK here ▶

Follow the integration instructions. Initialize the SDK using your app ID and signature from Step
Check the SDK icon underneath your app in the dashboard. If the icon is green, you've successfully integrated the Chartboost SDK.

Start a publishing campaign to show ads and monetize your apps.

Use advanced targeting to decide exactly what types of ads appear in your app.
Upload custom frames and buttons for a seamless ad experience.

Learn more about publishing ▶

Advertise your new app in your existing apps with a cross-promotion campaign at absolutely no cost!

Refine your cross-promotion with advanced targeting to reach the right users.
Create a custom "see more apps" page in an app to showcase your offerings.

Learn how to start an advertising campaign and acquire users.

Use advanced targeting to reach your best possible audience.
Learn how to make awesome ads that encourage users to click through.

Learn more about advertising ▶

Growing developers need bigger tools! Here are some more Chartboost features to maximize revenue and acquire users.

Direct Deals: Does your app have over 20,000 bootups? Join an exclusive marketplace where you can work one-on-one with other developers, cut out the middleman, and keep more of your profits.

Callbacks: Set up event notifications about clicks, video views, or converted installs.

Dashboard Reporting Tools: Get scheduled reports on campaign performance. Group your findings by device, country, date, and more.

Analytics: Track vital data to make smarter decisions about bids, creatives, and campaign optimization.

Mediation: Add Chartboost to your waterfall to increase your fill rate and eCPM.

List Builders: Create custom groupings of apps, devices, and more. Use your lists to optimize your campaigns.


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