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Integration instructions

Supported ad types: Video interstitial, static interstitial, rewarded video, animated GIF.
Unity developers: Be careful when following using MoPub's Unity instructions! MoPub's Unity integration uses our core native iOS and Android SDKs. MoPub provides special instructions on where to place them. MoPub's Unity integration does not utilize Chartboost's actual Unity SDK.


  • Log into your MoPub dashboard.
  • Select the Segments tab.
  • Select the segment containing Chartboost.
  • Since you will be manually ranking Chartboost at the top of the MoPub waterfall, revenue reporting does not need to be enabled.
  • Manually enter a high eCPM in the Chartboost row to rank Chartboost first in the waterfall.

Make sure that Chartboost is enabled! The toggle switch should be green.