Post-Install Analytics — Event & Level Tracking via S2S

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Chartboost's event tracking lets you monitor play engagement to create segments of users who are likely to make in-app purchases. These segments can then optimize your user acquisition, power your retargeting campaigns, and drive other types of monetization.

Third-party platforms can track the following:

  • Purchase events that can be tracked via S2S. Learn more ▶
  • Custom events that track whether a certain action or milestone is reached during the game.
  • Level events that track a player's progress in increasing dynamic values. Example: "Now the player is on level 3! Now on level 4! Now on level 5! Et cetera!"


There are two components for every Chartboost event or level tracking postback:

Identifying your event


This is Chartboost's ID number for the event type. For a given event type, pick the appropriate field value (1 through 5) to use for that event type. For example, Tutorial Complete might be event_field = 2 and Player's Current Level might be event_field = 3.

Each event_field must be linked with a unique event type.
event_field 1, 3, and 4 refer to recurring events (e.g. level progression) and require values that will increase for a player over time.
event_field 2 and 5 are for non-sequential events (e.g. Tutorial Complete) and are ideal for one-time events.



This is a plain text description of event_field that is displayed in your Chartboost dashboard's analytics page. For example, if event_field = 2 is used for a completed tutorial, event_label should be set to Tutorial Complete.



Describing your player's progress

Does your event have a dynamic numerical value associated with it?

  • If not, set main_level = 1
  • If not but the name decribes an interval (e.g. SPUN_5_TIMES), set main_level to that number.
  • If yes, send that value to main_level

Does your event have a secondary dynamic numerical value associated with it?

  • If not, set sub_level = 0
  • If yes, set sub_level equal to that value.




Event: Tutorial complete!
event_field = 2
event_label = "TUTORIAL_COMPLETE"
main_level = 1
sub_level = 0


Event: Spun 10 times!
event_field = 1
event_label = "spins"
main_level = 10
sub_level = 0


Event: Spun 5 times!
event_field = 1
event_label = "spins"
main_level = 5
sub_level = 0