Chartboost API — Account Methods

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This endpoint returns the specific monetary values for the account. It does not require any parameters other than user ID and user signature validation.

HTTP method GET
Example Request{{Chartboost customer's user ID}}&user_signature={{CB customer's user signature}}

Response Fields
Parameter Description
company Account name
balance Current balance
earnings Current total earnings

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This endpoint allows users to transfer a specified amount from the account earnings to the advertising balance.

HTTP method POST
Example Request

Request body:
{ "amount": "{{amount}}", "user_id": "{{Chartboost customer's user ID}}", "user_signature": "{{CB customer's user signature}}" }

Parameter Request Type Required? Description Default
account String Required Amount of funds to transfer from Earnings to Balance. $100 minimum amount is required. N/A

Response Fields
Parameter Description
amount Amount specified for transfer
balance Updated balance including transferred amount
earnings Updated earnings
message Only returned if status=500 with reason for the transfer failure
status success or 500

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