MoreApps is no longer supported or accessible in the Chartboost dashboard.
Customers who are currently using MoreApps will continue to have access to MoreApps until July 2017

Our goal at Chartboost is to focus on optimizing the most engaging ad formats that best monetize and promote your apps, so we’re moving resources away from MoreApps. If you use MoreApps, we highly recommend removing those methods from your game(s) and replacing them with interstitial or rewarded video methods instead.

Once you’ve updated your MoreApps placements you can then fill those placements with network or cross promotion campaigns. We also recommend upgrading to the latest SDK while you’re updating your app to achieve higher eCPMs and utilize better ad units.

If you choose not to take action, your apps won’t break, but you will be missing an opportunity to cross promote or monetize in that placement. Questions or concerns? Let us know!

Last Updated on 7月 17, 2017